The Benefits of a Same Day Courier Service for People and Business

The original monopoly Postal services were recognised for eventually delivering parcels entrusted to them. With the advancement in technology and the need for speedy deliveries, they have unfortunately become less well regarded. Courier services have now become widespread throughout the UK. The monopoly Postal services came under heavy political pressure because of mail getting lost in transit and a perceived lack of efficiency. In 2006 the Royal Mail lost its 350 year monopoly and Courier services in Birmingham started offering same day delivery services.

Same day courier services have been successful throughout the UK, as the parcel delivered reaches the receiver on the same business day. Such a service is possible because of the availability of modes of transport that are faster and more efficient. Generally, the parcels are picked up and delivered the same day via trucks, vans, lorries and motorbikes, according to the required distance. These services are available for personal as well as for commercial purposes.

One major advantage of these services is that they are available at affordable prices, but in comparison to next-day deliveries, the charge is higher, but the service provided is worth every penny.

Moreover, these companies operate 24*7 and therefore, we can contact them at any time of the day or night to deliver our parcels etc. Customer satisfaction is the major objective of such companies and they leave nothing to chance to ensure they deliver this. Such services are usually beneficial for doctors or lawyers who need documents urgently during their respective practices.

When important consignments are sent via such companies, the last thing you want is the loss of the consignments. Courier companies are well aware of this and that is why such services are very reliable and can be trusted without any doubt. The parcels reach the receiver in the same condition as they were dispatched.

Additionally, these companies provide track and trace services which help the sender locate the parcel on route. This adds value to the customer’s experience. Some companies even provide an online database location system which the customer can check through Smartphone or laptop. Along with tracking systems, these companies provide the sender with a proof of delivery (POD). The receiver of the consignment is made to sign a document or more likely these days a hand-held-terminal known as proof of delivery which is later advised to the sender as proof delivery was made to the correct person.

These companies take the utmost care of the parcels and prevent any physical damage whilst delivering them to the required destination. Most of these companies are internationally recognised and hence, they can transport the consignments to any corner of the world. Successful companies usually use a same day delivery service company to send consignments within the same business day. There are many courier companies that have come into existence, but the reliability of these companies can only be tested after doing thorough research and background checks. After finding the right courier company, you can relax as the consignment is guaranteed to reach the receiver the same day and in the same condition as it was dispatched.


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