What are Some Reasons for Customers to Have Trust In Courier Services for their Shipments?

A dear friend was spotted in front of the post office on a daily basis. When questioned why he was visiting the place so regularly, he replied that his parcel to his sister that he despatched the previous week has still not reached her. He was sad as that was her birthday gift and she was hugely disappointed. There was no clue as to how to track the package as he had not used a registered post facility. He was rest assured by the postal office official that there was a delay due to some postal network failure and his parcel would be delivered within a day or two. But the birthday date had been and gone and the hoped-for thrill of delivering the gift on the D-day was lost forever. Of course, he could have / should have made sure of his sister getting her gift by paying for a more certain delivery service like a courier service which offers plenty of advantages to their customers. Also there are invariably eye-catching features that win the trust and faith of their customers namely:

Deliver parcels anywhere

There could be some remote villages which are not routinely served by the postal department on a regular daily basis. To send parcels to these places, one can employ the courier services as they offer complete connectivity with their fleet of transport and infrastructure facilities earning the loyalty of customers.

Quick and efficient drop

One of the favourite features of couriers are their same day delivery Northampton and services for pick-up and drop-off. If the consignment envelope is marked urgent they can deliver it within an agreed time-slot, same-day, next-day to the customer’s joy. They can pick up the parcels from sender and deliver it at the destination with zero damage.

Ease of tracking

The courier services are empowered by technology and this helps the customers to track their parcels at any time to any geographical location. These services partner with airways and railways to help customers to track their goods and consignments even at railway and airport warehouses. The delivery trucks too have GPS which helps the drivers not only to locate the ideal travel route but also enables the timely update of tracking whilst ‘on the road’.

Damage claims

Some courier services come with damage claims insurance so if, unfortunately, parcels get damaged during transit, the courier takes responsibility for the damages.

Proof of delivery

To track every delivery, many courier operators collect proof of delivery and submit it to their clients. This helps bulk operators who dispatch goods from companies to distributors on a regular basis. They keep a record of every transaction which helps in maintaining accurate cost and balance sheets.

With such service features and numerous centres established all over the globe, the courier services have become more ubiquitous and easy to approach services for customers these days. Also these services have GPS tracking which enables customers to track their parcels and goods over internet and various mobile devices which increases the confidence between home and courier office. Undelivered parcels are duly returned to the sender and if there are any unforeseen circumstances where parcels do not reach recipient, the sender is notified well in advance. Thus by winning the trust of customers, more and more courier services have successfully established their prominence in that particularly competitive marketplace.


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