Five Reasons why Courier Services Deliver Better than Postal Services

Long gone are the days when communication used to be dependent on methods such as pigeon-post. Gone are the days when shipping parcels from one person to another was a Herculean challenge. Gone are the days when one rushes to the post office just to see, a not in service board in front of the express post counter. With the emergence of many specialised and dedicated couriers Milton Keynes operating across the globe, the express parcels life has become an even better, faster and more customer-friendly experience. But how did a service that simply connects people to people, sender to receiver become such a huge hit? What made people fall in love with their operations? Here are five aspects that confirm to us that modern day courier services, be it domestic or international, are much superior in their operations than the old traditional postal systems.

1. Easy to ship

There are numerous centres around the parish these days for a courier service and hence dropping off a parcel is made very easy. No need to wait in long queues. All one has to do is to get their parcel weighed and give a proper delivery address, pay the charges, collect receipt and go home, chill-out and relax. Their parcel will reaches its destination, on time in safe hands. . . guaranteed!

2. Efficient packing

Even though one packs their goods before shipping, these some, but not all, courier services repack with water proof package materials, so that goods are safe with them until delivery. While they temporarily unload at a warehouse if the shipment is transcontinental, they take care that parcels and envelopes are intact without incurring even any small damage.

3. Timely delivery

One of the most important aspects of these services is that, if they promise to deliver a parcel within the same day, they tend to do it without fail. There is no excuse stating the road was bad or the weather was intolerable. They typically break their delivery process into ‘hubs’ and have access to a fleet of vans, trucks and other small vehicles for deliveries.

4. Undelivered options

When the recipient is not at home, courier services bring back the parcel to their home office and notify the sender via a drop-card system. This is a safe way wherein important documents that are sent via courier do not get lost in transit. Also when a delivery recipient is not home on first attempt, a follow-up arrangement is subsequently made to deliver the parcel on the convenient time agreed, or the recipient may agree to pick-up from a local depot.

5. Manageable costs

In a very competitive business, often express posts and courier services cost almost the same. In both cases, the parcel is weighed and the cost is estimated based on the size and weight, any special delivery instructions and destination. To attract more customers, these services often lower their costs and try to woo their audience with low-cost, quicker delivery taglines.


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