Effective Tips for Courier Services from Customers – If Seeking to Improve their Delivery Efficiency

“Good morning sir! How may I help you?”- A pleasant ladies voice answered the angry caller which made him calm down a little and rephrase his query. “Had the parcel that I had booked yesterday reached the destination?”- He mentioned the receipt number and waited for reply. After about a minute, she replied “sorry for the wait sir, it will reach today delayed due to some technical difficulty. Thank you for calling. Have a nice day”. Though her answer sounded pleasant in tone sweet, he was not really in a position to enjoy that encounter as his parcel had still not reached the destination. He had booked his consignment on one of the best courier services upon recommendation after checking with his friends. But this delay made him go sour on the transaction. Not just this example, there are many other times when customers experience such experiences but not with couriers Northampton. But although delays may occur from time to time, to improve delivery efficiency and keep customers happy and well informed, here are some tips shared by our customers:

Track the shipments

Shipments must be tracked by the courier admin officers time and again. In case of any complexity, they should be equipped with a secondary support team who can help any delayed delivery trucks and thereby ensure the parcels reach their destination on time.

Update website

Natural calamities or weather disturbances come unannounced. In such cases, rather than keeping customers in an uncertain mode, the courier companies can update their website contact via ‘phone email, text, SMS stating that their services would be delayed. This reduces confusion among customers and repeated calling at the office.

Deliver at convenient time

Some times when the courier reaches the delivery location, there may be nobody at home To avoid such while booking the delivery, ensure to select a convenient date and time of delivery so that recipient stays at home on that date/time and collects the parcel. Alternatively, make sure to give a mobile contact number or instructions to deliver to a neighbour that has agreed to help. This will avoid unnecessary travel time and also waiting.

Client alert

Courier services can include an SMS based client alert operation wherein any change/delay are alerted to clients. Both the sender and receiver may be updated with such alerts so that both parties can be in perfect synchronization. Also these alerts can inform customers of progress and the location details of the parcel time and again. This will cut down on the volume of calls made to customer care of the courier agency.

Arrange for backup vehicular support

Reliable transport and infrastructure are a top priority for courier services. They must manage some of the best transport with expert drivers so that even in case of a breakdown the driver can handle the situation easily. Small vehicles, huge trucks etc. should be available for immediate help so that the goods reach on time with zero delay.

With these in place, courier services operating across the nation can have a wider coverage and can assure successful delivery of goods on time. Also small delays with a reason like weather turbulence should be considered and customers too should try not to panic. When both parties work in unison, these transport services can work happily.


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