Identify the Important Features of Courier Services


Courier services are specialised delivery services that can prove of inestimable use for both commercial and residential clients. They are typically companies that are committed, dedicated and fast reliable courier service providers. Here are just a few important traits of a reliable courier service.

Proof of delivery

One important feature of a reliable courier service is the confirmation of proof of delivery (POD). Many companies may fail to update you with such PODs. A sound and reputable company will likely update you via its automated processes or via email. This will ensure that you do not have to waste time on proof of delivery. For a personal delivery POD might not matter as much but for official consignments a proper delivery report is must.

24/7 coverage

Another important feature of a reliable courier service is out-of-hours cover. Many courier services fail to give support and services outside of normal working hours. Also, you may find companies that lack the resources to offer supplies during regular working hours. So, an important prerequisite of any courier service is its availability at any point of the day and night. They must be accessible 24×7 so that the customer can enjoy their services any time they want.


An important trait characteristic of any good courier company will be the quality of its online tracking system. By monitoring its couriers and road networks it should ensure that its clients are notified about any sort of unavoidable delays during transit. The customers can either log on to their official website to track the package themselves or, alternatively, can call a Help Desk number to find out the exact location of the parcel.

Wide range of vehicles

A reliable courier services Northampton company makes sure it has wide-range of vehicles and carriers for all sorts of delivery consignments and packages.

Same day delivery

A courier company must be able to offer same day timed delivery, in case of emergencies. Also, within a reasonable geographical area, it should be able to collect consignments within an hour of receiving a call from the client.

Transparency in costs

Any reputable courier company will believe in the essential points of transparency, reliability in costs. It should notify its clients of all the costs involved in the collection, transit and delivery. Also, it should be responsible for sending detailed proof of delivery reports to its clients through emails or other electronic means. Any such detailed reports should typically include the details of the person who booked the service, the person that signed for the consignment and the exact break-down of service costs, etc.

Keeping the above points in mind will go some way towards get the right courier company for your consignment.


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